The topic for the OPEN CALL is a quote by Rebecca Solnit and the title of it will be “IMAGINED LANDSCAPE”.


Please interpret this quote as broadly as possible, it is all up to you. We are looking for a range of visual works by artists in Eastern & Central EU and MENA regions. 


We're focusing on these parts of the world, as that is where we both grew up and our aim is to connect more with practitioners from these amazing places.


We would like to let you know that the selected artists will be paired up together to create a visual conversation on the topic. The design & curatorial choices will be done by the two of us after we've gathered submissions for the first issue. 



In Conversation With x In Print  will focus on supporting and promoting self-published (or made for fun / as a portfolio) books, dummies, zines, and works-in-progress work made by practitioners, who feel that their stories are best told through a physical printed medium.


50% OFF!

revisiting the roots

An inaugural zine as an In Conversation With duo, where Michaela Nagyidaiová and Kristina Sergeeva join their works together, having a visual and text-based conversation about family history, roots, familial and non-familial spaces.
For the very first time, they explore the hidden histories of locations that have not been documented before, and record the personal stories of their families, who have lived through the challenges of the Greek Civil War and Cold War.


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 In Conversation With | 2021

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