Our intention is to photographically cover a range of topics from history, community to lands and environments, driven from our backgrounds and family roots. We combine our similar, yet different visual approaches to create a discussion between each other but also everyone else, who wants to get involved. 


This platform extends to photographers of any age, background and location to join our conversations, share their projects or work-in-progress while discovering other photographers and connecting with their works. 

Living in different parts of the world, documenting various stories and issues is what pushed us to start this visual journal. On the platform, we share our ideas, inspiration, experimentation, and showcase what we have been up to.


Recently, we designed and self-published a zine, Revisiting the Roots, which includes photographs from Kristina’s Mailbox44 and Michaela’s Where The Wildflowers Grow and joins the topics of our works together in one long visual conversation.