Giuliana Borrelli (b.1990) is an analogue photographer from Italy, currently based in Oslo. She is a recent BA graduate of the University of Westminster in London. Her
photographic work focuses on documentary related topics such as environmental, social, portraiture and personal projects that look at close surroundings.

Parsellhager is a documentary project looking at the allotment gardens in the city of Oslo, and people passionate about city gardening culture. After having settled in the unfamiliar surroundings of a cold, Nordic country, I was curious to study the city's green peculiarities.


I have met with both young and older people growing their vegetables in urban surroundings. The photographs depict primarily cold times, documenting the nurtured landscapes and philosophy of what has been called the ‘green lungs’ of the city, a significant resource for a sustainable environment, and wellbeing of the community.


It aims to portray the cycle of nature and its transformation, from winter to temperate climate. During summer, they dig and plant seeds, during winter they wait until the season starts again.