Founded in 2020 by Kristina Sergeeva and Michaela Nagyidaiová, In Conversation With is a platform for visual storytelling that generates visual discussions and believes in collaboration. Set up to bring photographic artists more opportunities and connections around the world, the initiative produces open calls, online exhibitions, features on our social media and more. 
Showcasing a range of projects focusing on topics including history, identity, community, migration, lands, as well as other contemporary topics, our intention is to keep a flow of conversation going.
The ideas for the visual conversations are driven from our backgrounds and the two different environments, in which we both grew up. The platform extends to photographers of any age, background and location to join our visual discussions, share their projects or works in progress, while discovering other photographers or visual artists, and connecting with their works.  
We are always looking for new collaborations, so if you have something you'd like to share with us, check out our current Open Calls and get in touch!
Send us an email at or a DM on Instagram @inconversationwith__
If you are submitting to one of our Open Calls, please follow our submission guidelines and either send us files less than 2mb attached straight into the email  (between 5-15 images) or use Google Drive and Dropbox to share them with us.
Do not forget to include your project statement, artist bio, your website or social media handles. 
In Conversation With is funded solely from personal funds of Nagyidaiová and Sergeeva.
If you enjoy seeing what we do, please consider donating. All of the funds help support creating new opportunities for artists, exhibitions, publications and just help us keep the platform running. 

 In Conversation With | 2021

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