Martina Martorelli is 21 year old photographer based in Rome. In September 2020, she graduated from the European Institute of Desing (IED). Martina is interested in the research of humans in arts. Before starting with photography, she studied architecture at the Enzo Rossi art high school. Visual arts, literature and architectural studies have shaped her gaze and they have been innovating my creativity as well as characterizing Martina's artistic expression.

Passi e Note is a work of documentation and personal research based on the theme of classical dance. This is an in-depth analysis of the relationship between dance and the individual dancer and the interest that drives one to practice it. I decided to tackle a current topic: stereotypes related to gender identity. 


Today's society plays a fundamental role in this topic: the prototypes imposed by it, the ideals, uses and customs of most populations, have created differences in height of great importance. In ballet schools there are mainly classes with a female majority or only female dancers: many males are in fact induced by the thoughts of modern society to exclude this discipline. I have selected male dancers aged between 18 and 25 and took the portrait in a place linked to their experience with dance, and captured their story through family photos.