Masato Ninomiya is a self-taught photographer based in Kanagawa, Japan. He is a landscape photographer. He works on personal photographic projects. His interests are focusing on the reborn landscape in Kanagawa (including a history of Kanagawa) and the relationship with nature and the environment. It is an objective view of the current landscape as well as photo archive for the future. And sometimes, a landscape based on his personal history and roots. 

America in Kanagawa | There are dotted with US naval facilities in Kanagawa where I live.


Of these US Radio Transmitting Facility Kamiseya in the suburbs of Yokohama was drawn off and the land was returned in 2015. The site area was 24.2km2. Cherry blossoms were planted along the surrounding highways as a sign of friendship.


This part of the square opened to the public during the first week of April, despite the former border fence, the crossing is still prohibited. It is planned to attract an International Horticultural Exhibition which will be held in 2026, on the site of this US naval facility. After that, there is a plan to build a big theme park. The purpose of this photo series is to record one part of the history of Japan and the history of Kanagawa where the landscape will soon be reborn. 

In the 1960s, two employees deserted this US Naval Radio Transmitting Facility Kamiseya to the former Soviet Union. They were gay. They held a press conference in exile. After that incident, the United States allowed homosexuals (and same-sex marriage). It was the dawn of a culture that allowed diversity.