My artistic work is the reflection of my views, way I see and interpret reality. With different mediums of art, I try to combine and express the inner “poetry” of subjects, where subjects serve as a manifestation of beauty that lies above the visible and invisible world. I am interested in creating the distance that is ambitious. I want shapes and lines to intersect, overlap the visual distance and depth. I see art as a journey, perhaps it will be right to say that I am an explorer who is trying to find the true meaning of being, as my artistic depiction equals to my personality, this is who I am, and I could never see it is as a “profession”, rather than – “knowing myself.”

Tskaltubo – green city in the west of Republic of Georgia. Once the most popular tourist destination of the Soviet era, rich with natural and unique radon-carbonated mineral waters is the ghostly reminder of the past days, with abandoned sanatoriums with remaining architectural synthesis of classical Stalinist along with Gothic and Roman features, empty parks, destroyed bathhouses and ruined infrastructure. 


Since 1993, many of the sanatorium complexes have been devoted to housing refugees, who escaped the ethnic conflict and subsequent war in Abkhazia (Historical-geographical part of Georgia and self-declared sovereign state). It was supposed to be a temporary arrangement but 25 years later, for some of them these “apartments” have become the permanent homes.


At the intersection of past and present, Tskaltubo is waiting for new life and meaning, until then it remains being a hidden history, with its relics and remains in the hands of urban explorers.