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In Conversation With x In Print  focuses on supporting and promoting self-published (or made for fun / as a portfolio) books, dummies, zines, and works-in-progress work made by practitioners, who feel that their stories are best told through a physical printed medium.

These features on our platform would be accompanied with a short text discussing your design and layout choices as well as the context behind the work.

We are interested in seeing images of your printed portfolios, no matter what stage you are in, the process is as important as the final product. 

If you feel like sharing your printed work with us, please get in touch and include a few images (6-10) + a short description of your printed portfolio. The submissions are accepted on a rolling basis, so you can submit anytime!


PLEASE SUBMIT THE FOLLOWING, incomplete submissions will not be accepted.

Send us between 5 - 15 images attached to the email, they must be lower than 2mb OR via Dropbox or Google Photos.


A short artist statement (max 100 words)

Your project description (max 250 words).


Your website and social media handles.

Email your submissions to: 


We often run different photo based conversations on our Instagram (@inconversationwith__),

if you feel like your work could fit into our ongoing discussion, please send us a message on Instagram or email us!



We look forward to viewing your work! 

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